Slip Season

March 1 - October 31st

Call today to reserve your slip: (540) 980-1488
Slip rates: Regular Slip $950, Wall Slip $1000,
Concierge Dry Storage/Launch Service - ask for details

A. Parking: Each Rock House Marina tenants have parking spaces for two vehicles. If more parking spaces are required, please talk to Mountain 2 Island at theRockhouse Marina to make additional arrangements. B. Docking: All vessels are required to be secured to the docks and finger piers in a seamanlike manner using appropriately sized mooring and spring lines. Mooring lines are available at the marina if needed. The marina staff will be happy to demonstrate examples of the best way to secure your vessel to the dock. Each tenant should check the security of all dock cleats and advise the marina if the cleats are not secure. C. Launching: Launching any boat, other than their moored vessel, will incur additional launch fees. All boats should be rigged in the parking or “make ready” area to prevent crowding at the launching ramps. D. Disposal of Waste & Trash: All garbage and trash must be bagged and placed in the receptacles provided. Oil, oily waste or other petroleum or chemical based waste products must be disposed of legally off site. E. Storage on Docks: Tenants shall not store or place objects of any kind on the docks or finger piers without the approval of the marina. F. Vessel Appearance: All vessels shall be maintained in a clean and orderly condition. All dock lines, fenders and rub rails must be clean of excessive mildew and any other stains that detract from a wellmaintained marina atmosphere. Tenants may contact the marina in the event they require maintenance services. G. Alterations to Docks: No dock rollers, mooring whips, rub rails, cleats, boat lifts, or any other accessories of any kind can be attached to the marina without the written consent of the marina.
A. Speed Restrictions: All vessels must operate at idle, no-wake speed within the no-wake buoys at the entrance of Mountain 2 Island at the Rockhouse Marina harbor. B. Running or Horse Play on Docks: Running or Horseplay of any kind is strictly prohibited. C. Non-Swimmers and PFD’s: Tenants are reminded that floating docks constitute a hazard to small children and adults who do not swim. Parents are required to see that small children who do not swim wear US Coast Guard approved PFD’s while they are on any portion of the floating dock system. D. Cold Weather and Storm Preparation: In the event of freezing weather or the anticipation of impending storms, tenants are responsible for protecting their vessels. Tenants who live away from the Claytor Lake area may contract the marina for assistance in damage prevention measures. E. Emergency: Mountain 2 Island at the Rockhouse Marina and/or its agents are not responsible for checking, maintaining or protecting any vessel in the marina. All vessels are required, unless specifically excluded, to be equipped with an operating, automatic bilge pump system. In the event of an emergency that occurs during the tenant’s absence, Mountain 2 Island at the Rockhouse Marina and/or its agents reserves the right, but not the responsibility, to take such action as it deems necessary and prudent to safeguard any vessel, its mooring space, adjacent vessels, or property of the marina. Tenant agrees to reimburse Mountain 2 Island at the Rockhouse Marina and any of its agents for any and all costs incurred on behalf of the tenants’ vessel in emergency situations. F. Flames and Fire: The use of charcoal grills, gas grills, gas welders, or any open flame producing equipment, except equipment permanently installed in a vessel, is strictly prohibited on the floating docks. G. Fishing, Swimming, Advertising: No swimming or diving may be conducted on or from the marina facility. Any fishing requires the approval of the marina. “For Sale”, “For Rent”, or brokerage signs implying a vessel is for sale or rent, or any other signs for advertising or soliciting are not permitted. H. Private Signage: “For Sale”, “For Rent”, or brokerage signs implying a vessel is for sale or rent, or any other signs for advertising or soliciting are not permitted. I. Losses or Damage: The marina is not responsible for any losses or damage of any kind or nature incurred to any boat, its contents, gear or equipment, while moored at any boat slip at Mountain 2 Island at the Rockhouse Marina. The boat, its owner or guests are not under the care, custody or control of Mountain 2 Island at the Rockhouse Marina. Tenants shall carry sufficient insurance to cover any such losses. J. DUE TO INSURANCE REGULATIONS, CARRYING GAS TO YOUR BOAT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. MISCELLANEOUS
A. Noise: Noise shall be kept to a minimum at all times. Discretion must be used when operating engines, generators, radios and/or television sets so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance to others. B. Pets: All pets must be leashed and under the control of the handler. At the sole discretion of the marina, any pet deemed to be a nuisance may be banned. C. Fish Cleaning: The cleaning of fish on the marina premises, which includes the docks, walkways, and parking lot, is strictly prohibited. The use of a throw net from the marina premises, which includes the docks, and walkways is strictly prohibited. D. Live Aboards: Mountain 2 Island at the Rockhouse Marina will not allow live aboards within the marina. This is not intended to prevent tenants or their guests from staying on their vessels for short and frequent times while using their vessels for pleasure, but rather to prevent the vessel’s use as a residence or second home. Mountain 2 Island at the Rockhouse Marina, in its sole but reasonable discretion, shall determine if a vessel is in violation of this live-aboard regulation and may implement any necessary provision of the violation section of the tenant’s lease. E. Contracted Services: No Contractor, vendor, service organization or individuals will be permitted to work on any vessels berthed at the marina without prior approval from the marina. F. Violations: Violation of any of the above rules and regulations could be cause for immediate removal of the vessel in question and termination of the lease agreement at the discretion of the marina. CONTRACT TERMS
G. Payment in full is due by February 16th. H. After February 16th all contracts will be honored on a first come basis. I. The Marina will attempt to notify boat owners when boat is in danger of sinking or damage. It is the boat owner’s responsibility to keep boats from sinking by pumping them. Any boat that has a leak will be the responsibilities of the owner to remove it or have the marina remove it for a fee. J. ALL BOATS MUST BE EQUIPPED WITH AN AUTOMATIC BILGE PUMP. There will be a minimum charge of $25.00 if the marina has to bilge your boat. BOATS MUST HAVE A TIGHT FITTING MOORING COVER. K. Battery Chargers and Jump Boxes are available for a small fee. L. Mooring lines will be replaced as necessary. NOTE: The owner will be charged for the replacement of the rope and labor to do so. If lines break or come untied and boat leaves docking area, owner will be charged a minimum of $25.00 for Marina personnel to retrieve. M. No boat will be permitted to be moved from a slip to land for storage once a contract has been signed, other than for repairs. N. If your boat is stored on land, you may call and give the marina 24-hour notice(2 hrs for concierge customers) and we will have your boat in the water. We can also uncover, recover, fill gas, oil, etc. for a fee. O. Boats will be taken out of the water and stored in the parking lot around November 1st or prior to the water being lowered. P. The gas tanks will NOT be removed due to insurance regulations. Q. The OWNER will be responsible for removing all other items and covering the boat for protection against the weather. R. The marina offers a winterizing package and shrink wrapping for a fee. S. The marina offers a spring start up package for a fee. We also offer service contracts that cover basic maintenance, winterizing, oil change and storage T. After March 1st, boats will be put in the water.